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Kai-studiens kvalitet og nytte

Dr. Paul Lam
For å sikre at Tai Chi-studier er meningsfylte og nyttige for samfunnet, bør innholdet i Tai Chi og måten det ble undervist, nøye vurderes, standardiseres og overvåkes.

To ensure tai chi studies being meaningful and useful to the community, the contents of the tai chi and the way it was taught must be carefully considered, standardized and monitored.

Tai Chi Innhold

    The Teaching

    • Learner friendliness: A learner friendly teacher is more effectively at delivering health benefits or better outcome measurements.
    • Binding: Effective teaching skill and the program’s contents have significant impact on adherence. If most subjects leave the class there won’t be creditable outcome measurements.
    • Motivasjon: A good teacher inspire and motivate students to practice and to enjoy tai chi. If people enjoy what they do, they will continue to practice tai chi.

    Monitoring the tai chi contents and teaching quality

    A monitoring mechanism and regular updates for the teachers to ensure the right contents being taught and taught effectively is essential.

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