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Dr. Paul Lam
Dette er den største fallforebyggende studien i verden, har funnet Tai Chi betydelig redusert antall fall i eldre mennesker. "

Summary of the “Fall Prevention Study in the Community” by Sydney Central Area Health Promotion Unit
Based on the Spring 2005 XCHARXFall Prevention NewsletterXCHARX by Sydney South West Area Health Service. tai chi for trening for leddgikt instruktører i Zürich, Sveits, 2005

This is the largest fall prevention study in the world involving approximately 700 people. After 16 weeks of doing a Tai Chi program (80% of the participants did the Tai Chi for Arthritis program XCHARX added by Dr Lam), XCHARXThe results showed that Tai Chi significantly reduced the number of falls by almost 35%. Tai Chi also significantly reduced the risk of multiple falls by approximately 70%.XCHARX The study concludes: XCHARXCompared with other falls prevention interventions the trial showed that Tai Chi is one of the most effective ways of preventing falls in older people.XCHARX

Congratulations to the Central Area Health Promotion Unit! This is one of the most effective works anyone can do for health promotion. And it adds to the mounting evidence of the many tai chi’s health benefits.

If you wish to congratulate them or find out more information please write to: Health Promotion Service, Division of Population Health. Level 9 (North) KGV Building, Missenden Road, Camperdown NSW 2050 Australia.

NB: For the other published articles about how Tai Chi for Arthritis prevents falls:

“The Effects of Sun-Style Tai Chi Exercise on Physical Fitness and Fall Prevention in Fall-Prone Adults”
Publisert i journalen for Advanced Nursing 51 (2), 150-157
av Dr Choi JH, Moon JS og Song R. (2005)

Effects of tai chi exercise on pain, balance, muscle strength, and physical functioning in older women with osteoarthritis: A randomized clinical trial”
Publisert av Journal of Rheumatology Sept 2004

av Rhayun Song, Eun-Ok Lee, Paul Lam, Sang-Cheol Bae

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